Assessment Achievers


The economics program has an assessment retreat each fall at which they discuss the results of the previous spring's graduating seniors' exit surveys and exit examinations. This serves as a foundation for discussions on curriculum and assessment. 

As part of their capstone portfolio, seniors in economics self-assess their mastery of each of the program's learning outcomes. Students who are aware of their program's learning outcomes as they progress through the curriculum benefit from having clear expectations toward which they can direct their learning.



The math program has four concise, readily assessable program learning outcomes, each mapped in detail to the program curriculum. Faculty have developed a new department rubric and assessment schedule that will cycle through the PLOs regularly, possibly much more frequently than once per five-year cycle. A new assessment plan for GE courses is also presented, and discussions to close the loop are written into each of these processes.



The sociology BA program recently revised their program learning outcomes to align with the criminology and justice studies BA and sociology MA programs. They have four assessable outcomes that each map to their curriculum at introductory, developing, and proficient levels, and they have written a 5-year assessment plan that cycles through one outcome each year and even presumes overlapping reassessment activity most years. These are significant strides toward future data-driven curricular decisions.