Academic Assessment and Program Review

Humboldt State University Institutional Learning Outcomes

In the course of achieving competence in a major area of study, HSU students will acquire intellectual skills and knowledge of cultures, history, and the physical and natural world that will prepare them for fulfilling careers, for thoughtful and civic participation in democratic society, and to work for sustainable, just societies.

Assessment Landing

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Assessment Timeline (placeholder image)

Graphic of HSU's Assessment Timeline

Assessment and Program Review at Humboldt State University

This site is currently under construction. A new Assessment and Program Review site is in progress and will be up by summer 2020, in the mean time please reach out to our Associate Directors of Assessment for assistance.

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Major Program Flow

These Sankey diagrams show the flow in and out of major programs for First-Time Undergraduates and Upper Division Transfers.

Campus Research and Analysis

This page is an index to research and analysis conducted by campus entities outside of OIE.

Parking Market Demand Study - April 4th, 2018