Data for Self-Study


Access to Data for Self-Study
The Academic Program Review (APR) workbooks are housed in a private Google Drive folder accessible by all HSU faculty members as well as several staff and administrators. If you need access, please contact OIE.


In fall 2019 a new Academic Program Review (APR) workbook was created in collaboration with HSU’s three academic colleges. The new workbook is a collection of PDFs that replaces the Tableau Strategic Data Workbooks that was used from 2015-2019. The new workbook is released in two parts:

  1. Summer: Course data through the end of the spring term
  2. Fall: enrollment, retention rates, and graduation rates calculated at fall census


Resources and Training

White-Glove Service
In the White Glove Service, participants will learn how to access and use the Academic Program Review (APR) workbooks. Individuals and small groups may schedule a 20 to 30-minute demonstration and hands-on training. Request for White Glove Service should be sent to Include "SDW-PR White Glove Service Request" in the subject. In the text of the email include possible dates, times, room number(s), and the number of attendees and their affiliation to HSU (e.g., Faculty in Wildlife Department).



Strategic Data Workbook
The Strategic Data Workbook (SDW) project began in the fall of 2015 to support HSU’s Annual Academic Program Review to replace the Program Data Sheets. The project blossomed into a data-deployment strategy that was tested during the 2016-2017 academic year and deployed in fall 2017; however, ended in fall 2019. The Strategic Data Workbooks were private and located in an encrypted network folder located on a secure server accessed via Single Sign-on from the HSU campus network. While the workbooks were created using Tableau Desktop (paid license), users could download Tableau Reader (free to use) to access the workbooks.

Program Data Sheets
These web reports contain enrollment, retention, and graduation data at the program and course level, as well as bottleneck and capacity reporting. 

Program Data Sheet image