Data on Demand

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness receives ad hoc data requests from faculty, staff, students, and community members. These requests range from simple lists of students fitting various criteria to complex multi-year analyses. Each request is evaluated to ensure compliance with FERPA and university polices, and requests for data analysis are further evaluated based on university needs and OIE’s capacity and resources.

Assessment Achievers


The economics program has an assessment retreat each fall at which they discuss the results of the previous spring's graduating seniors' exit surveys and exit examinations. This serves as a foundation for discussions on curriculum and assessment. 

As part of their capstone portfolio, seniors in economics self-assess their mastery of each of the program's learning outcomes. Students who are aware of their program's learning outcomes as they progress through the curriculum benefit from having clear expectations toward which they can direct their learning.

Points of Pride

OIE Points of Pride is organized by off-campus and on-campus scholarly activity, association affiliation/service, and awards. Where possible, subcategories are arranged in American Psychological Association (APA) format. When necessary, some subcategories are arranged by office member. This is not a complete curriculum vitae, as it only includes activity since 2014.