Meet the OIE Team

Lisa Castellino, Ph.D., Associate Vice President of IE
(707) 826-5339

Lisa Castellino has been working in public higher education administration for twenty years in roles within the fields of institutional research, strategic planning, strategic budgeting, assessment, and institutional effectiveness. Additionally, she is a bridge builder with information technology, collaborating or spearheading initiatives including data warehousing, data marts, and data visualizations.

Lisa’s expertise includes strategically leveraging data and visualizations to support storytelling style analytics for decision makers. She is well-versed in developing and testing enrollment planning models, both short- and long-term, and visualizing those results. Lisa has developed models integrating data covering students, enrollment, personnel, and budget, creating a broad-range picture of campus performance over time. She has conducted various environmental scans and other research designs to support campus planning.

Lisa regularly presents research findings at the state and national level and holds leadership roles in her CSU community. Her awards include “Best First-Time Presenter” at California Association for Institutional Research (CAIR) in 2015-16. She also has held numerous professional-development trainings on best practices in linking assessment, planning, and strategic budgeting.

Lisa currently serves in the role of Associate Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness at Humboldt State University, one of the 23 California State University campuses. Prior to HSU, she worked at the University of North Carolina, Wilmington, the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education, and the Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

Lisa earned her B.S. from Marywood College, M.S. from Shippensburg University, and Ph.D. from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania. In her spare time, she thoroughly enjoys connecting incredibly small rings in order to create beautiful and intricate chain mail jewelry.

John Filce, Associate Director
(707) 826-5487

John Filce has over 35 years of experience as a data-systems developer and research analyst working in the areas of academic resources and instructional activities. His specialties include faculty workload, curriculum analysis, class scheduling, resource allocations, and instructional program review. With an academic background in social science research and computer science, John applies his knowledge to the issues of institutional effectiveness and student success analysis.

John also volunteers as a citizen scientist working on river health recovery efforts in the North Coast region.

Gay Hylton, Administrative Analyst
(707) 826-5340

Gay's responsibilities are legion. She coordinates university community surveys and tracks external and internal survey data requests, monitoring deadlines and soliciting required data from key providers. She coordinates the university's IPEDS responses; screens, tracks, and provides data for all requests across the institution; compiles and provides data analysis for special collections such as accreditation; publishes data and analysis commentary; and maintains secondary historical data collections for OIE.

Michael Le, M.A., Research Associate
(707) 826-5489

Michael Le M.A. is a higher education researcher by day, but by night, he is a data junkie with a passion for visual analytics and sharing information to create a data-informed decision culture. Mike has worked in Institutional Research/Effectiveness for nearly eight years in both public 2-year and 4-year institutions.

As a research associate, Mike’s primary role is facilitating understanding through data visualization and storytelling. He also serves the university as staff senator, chair of the University Senate Constitution and Bylaws Committee (CBC), and as a member of numerous committees and working groups.

Mike regularly presents at the state and national level on behalf of Humboldt State and professional affiliate organizations. He has twice won the California Association for Institutional Research (CAIR) Best Presentation Award (2015-16 and 2017-18) and has been an invited speaker at the Association for Institutional Research (AIR), Alliance of Hispanic Serving Institution Educators (AHSIE), and Tableau Software Conference.

Mike maintains professional membership in CAIR and AIR and serves on numerous volunteer committees including the invitation-only AIR Forum Strategy Committee. The Forum Strategy Committee assists the AIR executive office in developing the strategic direction of the event, including identification of important and timely topics for presentation in keynote addresses and impact sessions.

Outside of HSU, Mike serves as a research consultant for the Research & Planning Group for California Community Colleges and as the co-curator of TEDxHumboldtBay. When Mike is not crunching data and learning about new technology and techniques you can find him in the gym applying the fundamentals of powerlifting. He boasts personal records of a 555-lb. back squat, a 485-lb. deadlift, and a 355-lb. bench press. 

Angela Rich, M.A., Research Analyst
(707) 826-4581

Angela Rich has over twenty years of experience conducting research in the higher education, social service, healthcare, and military arenas. Her skill set includes program evaluation and development, infrastructure development, needs assessment, policy research, working with the civil administration, working with populations affected by policy changes, and advising leadership on how to mitigate negative impact when implementing change. Angela is proficient in both quantitative and qualitative methodologies, and she has specialized training and experience in community-based participatory research (CBPR) and culturally competent research approaches.

Angela’s role in OIE is to provide support and training for non-instructional assessment across the university. She provides consultation on research design and method, provides feedback about the tools being used for assessment, and problem-solves with units to coordinate annual assessment and program review processes.

Joshua Smith, M.A. Change Management Coordinator
(707) 826-5338

Josh Smith has nearly twenty years of experience in public- and private-sector organizations, managing projects, guiding institutional change, creating data-informed decision structures, and developing space for innovation and continuous improvement. Josh looks at the people-side of change while mapping the path to goal completion. With experience in several industries and training in social science research methods and frameworks, Josh brings a diverse set of perspectives to his role helping to guide and complete change.

Ronda Stemach, Data Administrator
(707) 826-5334

Ronda Stemach has worked in data design, relational/dimensional modeling, and application development for over two decades, first in private consulting before coming to HSU as a programmer analyst six years ago. In the Office of Institutional Effectiveness, Ronda assists in the collection, maintenance, analysis, and presentation of data to support evidence-based decision making on campus. 

Ronda is a passionate advocate for empowering students, parents, and teachers with technology.  She has assisted Eureka High School’s business/technology teacher Aletta Sauer in her “Girls Can” summer camp to get young women interested in STEM careers, and she has given presentations on how to become a cyber-savvy parent to local PTA groups.  Ronda is also a technology contributor to Eureka High School’s PTSA Facebook page, encouraging appropriate use of media.  

Mark Wicklund, Ph.D., Interim Academic Assessment Coordinator
(707) 826-5337

Mark recently joined the OIE team after teaching in the HSU English department for five years. He earned his Ph.D. in linguistics in 2012 from the University of Minnesota, where he researched pronoun use among children on the autism spectrum. Before stepping into assessment work, he was teaching literature and linguistics and researching an unfolding change in the syntax of American English speakers.

Mark brings his experience in the classroom to his work providing expertise and assistance in developing effective approaches to assess student learning, and he partners with the Center for Teaching and Learning to help faculty in their ongoing efforts to close the loop and improve student success. He has most recently been working with the vice provost to create a model for university-wide assessment of the five core competencies: oral and written communication, information literacy, quantitative reasoning, and critical thinking. These skills prepare HSU graduates for careers in the California workforce and for thoughtful participation in our democracy.

When he’s not helping with assessment, Mark likes reading speculative fiction, lifting weights with his son, being a music snob, training in jiu-jitsu (when his aging back is willing), and riding and working on his vintage BMW motorcycle.